Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines

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Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medications that affect driving ability (in Germany, for example, this is called: “drunk driving”) is an offense in almost every country in the world. The sanctions for the established blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) and driving under the influence of drugs and medication are exceeded someone would say, however, they differ from country to country since very country has its own law and its own regulations.

The first detectable cautionthat was taken because of “drunk driving”, was in Europe and it was imposed on 10th September in 1897 in the UK with a taxi driver. In Germany, drinking and driving as a traffic offense until after the 2nd World War was an issue, but the later this became a very serious problem, which caused changing of regulations in the country’s law.

Effects of alcohol in road traffic

In the Unites States there are different limits, which recognizesa transport under the influence of alcohol as punishable. These detection limits are often wrongly interpreted that driving is allowed. Since drinkers often – either habitually or due to current stress factors – do not apply decisions based on objective facts (drinking amounts) about driving after drinking alcohol, but on the basis of subjective assessments of their fitness to drive, bad decisions are inevitable navigate to this web-site  .

High alcohol levelwill often make people to feel absolutely well above 1 per thousand, and depending on the degree of habituation even at two and 2.5 per thousand. Such misperceptions explain the dangers of alcohol in road traffic as well as the learning experience that alcohol very often “goes well”. People with this learning experience represent a high-risk group, since they derive from their personal underreporting that drinking and driving is not really dangerous.

Driving under really high intoxication level can affect your driving in many bad ways. The worst of all is that you can get killed or you can hurt somebody that you do not want to. Having in mind this, it is advised not to drive under the influence of alcohol, no matter how long you are a driver.

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Drunk driving –What is driving under influence?

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The regulation applies not only for vehicles but also for cyclists! Who is no longer in a position, as a result of the consumption of alcoholic beverages, to drive safely, will be punishedaccordingly. From 1.1 per thousand, the driver of a motor vehicle is absolutely unsafe to operate the vehicle and faces the fines. For cyclists even a higher limit is applied. Usually, there are many opportunities to make at least the legal consequences of charges for being drunk as little decisive as possible. Who, for example, by bicycle with 1.8 per mille is “caught” and therefore convicted, will sooner or later receive mail from the driving license authority, which then leads to a medical-psychological examination arranges. In case the driver does not respond to the examination in several days, it can result in losing the driving ID. This is really unnecessary thing for any driver and nightmare for every serious driver.


In the commission of traffic offenses, in most cases alcohol is involved. Alcohol has on the human body really devastating consequences, which is why the legislature prohibits the consumption of alcohol while on the road.

But also on the road, driving under the influence of alcohol will be sanctioned. Basically, a distinction is based on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), measured in parts per thousand click for more info . Up to a BAC of 0.3 per thousand, the legislature does not provide sanctions because it is considered, on the basis of experts’ findings,that possible accidents are less likely to happen on this level of BAC.

This is very important for the United States law because it is really well defined. The best lawyers in the DUI areas are orange county Top rated dui attorney. Alcohol represents great problem in the United States society and this is why is important that such poison needs to be dealt with.

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Penalties for driving under influence

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The penalties for alcohol violations are usually clearly defined under the law, so there is no room for any kind of excuses. Offenders who repeat their fouls,in many states,will be transferred to prison and sentenced.The fines are sensitive.

Offense Lower Limit / Upper Limit

DUI or DUI with BAC of 0.08 ‰ results in 10 or more days in prison, where up to 9 days are scheduled for alcohol educations plus fine of $250 and plus 80% surcharge and service fee (usually around $ 600 total) and 6 months in prison.

Extreme DUI results : 30 days in prison, of which up to 20 days are replaced by alcohol-educations; Fine of $ 250 plus 80% surcharge and other fees (usually around $ 750); Amenities of the own vehicle with a Automatic locks (Ignition Interlock Device) 6 months in prison; Fine $ 2,500 plus 80% surcharge and service fees; 3 years’ probation

In personal injury pecuniary obligation in millions may arise. It follows that still remains to be noted: a zero alcohol limit does not exist for driving in the United States. Generally it is assumed that a drink increases the blood alcohol content of 0.25 per thousand. However, the actual effects depend on other factors, such as weight, sex, etc. Devices for measuring blood alcohol content need to be offered in the US for prices around 50 $ in stores and by mail order but these devices are not really reliable.

You should from a suspected blood alcohol content of 0.5 parts per thousand of precaution no longer drive and DO NOT drive if you fear a penalty for your driving because drunk driving does not require a certain blood alcohol levels.

Even the transport of alcohol inside the car can lead to trouble with the polic. Be sure you that you carry all alcoholic beverages, in particular, purchases from the supermarket, in the trunk in order to avoid unpleasant legal troubles. Otherwise you could have problems with the law.

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